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The Old Control Tower
Wickenby Airfield
United Kingdom
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Miscellaneous Information:

Wickenby Aerodrome has been an active airfield since the 1960s, and was used as a satellite station for operations by Lancaster Squadrons 12 and 626 during World War Two. RAF Wickenby was a purpose built bomber base constructed late 1942 and early 1943. It had two T2 type hangars and one B1 type. The B1 and one of the T2 hangars can still be seen on the airfield site. The T2 near the threshold of runway 21 was recently acquired by the airfield owners and after many years of industrial use in now, once more, an aircraft hangar. Next year is a special year for the Aerodrome as we will be celebrating 70 years of aviation at Wickenby.

The Aerodrome is a great place to visit for an enjoyable day trip or just to pop in for a cup of tea or coffee. The WW2 memorial collection in the Control Tower is free entry and contains lots of relics, photographs and documents from Wickenby's war time involvement. By the gate as you enter the Icarus Memorial stands as a permanent reminder of the lives given during the great War. Many original features are still present on the old airfield, which are best viewed from the air so why not book a gift flight?

There are many privately owned aircraft on the airfield including vintage aircraft including a WW1 Airco DH.2, Tiger Moths, Chipmunks, Cessnas, Microlights, Autogyros and state of the art Aerobatic aircraft.These aircraft operate regularly throughout the year, when the weather's good!

Wickenby is home to Fly365 Ltd Flying School where you can book a lesson, or gift flight in a broad selection of aircraft.

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