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Wolverhampton Halfpenny Green Airport (EGBO), Cotswold (Kemble) Airport (EGBP) & Nottingham Airport (EGBN)
Wolverhampton Halfpenny Green Airport
Crab Lane
United Kingdom
07842 244915
Miscellaneous Information:

Experienced as both military and civil flying instructor and examiner on single and twin engined piston and jet aircraft.

Currently a freelance Senior Examiner, FIE(A) and CREIRR on SEP (land) and MEP (land).

Experienced in coaching formation flying and formation aerobatics, currently in light aircraft.

Additional privileges include FCL.905.FI (a)/(b)/(e)/(f)A/(g)/(g)(IR(R))/(h)/(i)/FCL.945, CRI For SEP (land)/MEP (land)FCL.945

I gained a PPL on an ATC flying scholarship, flew on a university air squadron and then flew as a pilot in the RAF for 25 years. I also instructed and examined on single piston and jet and also on twinjet aircraft. I instructed on loan to an Air Force in the Far East.

As a civilian I flew as a company pilot and a flying club instructor. I flew for ten years as a civilian instructor of military student pilots in all three Services.

I flew nine years with Ultimate High Academy and I still get to fly Chipmunk and Bulldog formation flying for pleasure.

For one-off appointments I am available in England anywhere south of York plus Wales and the Isle of Man.

Available Weekdays and Weekends by arrangement. £55 an Hour, £250 a Day plus petrol costs @ 43 mpg.

Other charges:

AoC for FE(PPL) and FI(A) - £250
LPCIRR - £225
PPL LST - £150
IR(R) - £150

Robert can be contacted on 07842 244915 or by completing the contact form below:

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