Lee-on-Solent and 40 nm Radius
Solent Airport
PO13 9FZ
United Kingdom
07778 852441
Miscellaneous Information:

Phil, based at Lee-on-Solent Airport, is an unrestricted Flight Examiner on Aeroplanes (SEP) and Microlights (not flexwing).

Phil has been examining for more years than he cares to remember at various locations in the south. He favours a relaxed approach to flight tests, whilst he considers himself to be thorough. Microlight experience is on C42 aircraft. No flexwing or multi-engine.

All aircraft and personal documentation must be available for inspection. You will also need to arrange Briefing facilities to be available.

Phil offers his services at Lee-on-Solent Airport and within a 40 nm Radius of Lee-on-Solent, by arrangement only.

Current charges for services:

Current test fees;

LST (Navigation section) £100
LST (General Handling Section) £100
Combined test £200
Renewal/revalidation by test £100

Navigation Skills Test £100
General Skills Test £100
Combined Test £200
Renewal/Revalidation by test £100

IMC/IRR Test - Initial/Renewal/Revalidation £100

Microlight General Skills Test £150

Travel and other expenses subject to arrangement.

To contact Phil please either complete the Contact Form below or by telephone on 07778 852441

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