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Training & Education Committee

AOPA has a very strong, corporate membership, many of whom are involved in flight training.  In addition to this many of the pilot members are current flight instructors, chief flying instructors and examiners.  Until the inception of JAR, leading now to the EASA regulation, AOPA oversaw the appointment of PPL flight examiners and most of the syllabus that pilots train to was written and produced by AOPA.  The Training Committee is responsible for all matters that revolve around training and flight safety.  The committee itself comprises some of the UK's most experienced instructors and examiners, bringing with them great depth of experience and knowledge.

When it comes to new regulation and legislation this is paramount in combating unnecessary regulation and also ensuring that new regulations are fit for purpose challenging changes that add nothing and lead to an escalation in overall cost as well.

The committee meets four times a year and reports to the Executive.

Over the years the Training Committee has developed for AOPA a number of training modules that extend pilot experience and safety.  These include:  The AOPA Aerobatics Course at three levels developed in conjunction with the British Aerobatic Association, the AOPA Radio Navigation Course and the AOPA Flying Companion Course.

Additionally, as it is now a statutory requirement that instructors attend a flight instructor refresher seminar every other renewal, the AOPA Training Committee is the UK's major provider of these courses and offers discounts to instructor members.

The Training Committee has produced the criteria and syllabus for the AOPA Wings Scheme, again designed to encourage pilots to extend their experience levels.

The Training Committee was also a prime mover in developing the NPPL and IMC ratings, produces the original concept document and syllabus for the licence and continues to offer advice in this respect.

All Instructor members also benefit from the free 'first aid' legal advice available through AOPA in the event of an incident.

Training Committee Terms of Reference

  1. The Training Committee will seek to further the aims and objectives of AOPA UK and IAOPA.
  2. It will concern itself with instructional standards and other matters relating to flight instruction.
  3. It will endeavour to remain abreast of developments regarding instructors and instructional standards that are being discussed outside AOPA and make recommendations to, and aim to influence thinking within, the CAA and EASA.
  4. It will develop and update flight training syllabuses and products for the benefit of flight training in the UK and organise flight instructor refresher seminars.
  5. The Committee will report to the AOPA Executive Committee and provide advice and opinions on matters relating to flight training.
  6. Membership is by invitation from the Chairman or AOPA Chief Executive.
  7. Meetings will take place about four times a year.
  8. At least half the membership shall consist of currently practising flight instructors.
  9. A member who misses four consecutive meetings without reasonable cause shall become a Corresponding Member, at the discretion of the Chairman.
  10. A Corresponding Member will continue to receive Minutes of meetings but the Agenda and next meeting date and venue will not be sent in advance.
  11. The Chairman will write to thank a member for his/her service to the Committee following cessation of membership or corresponding membership.
  12. Publicising the work and findings of the Committee in the AOPA Magazine and, where appropriate, farther afield.

The list of regular members is provided below:



Martin Robinson

CEO AOPA UK, Chairman AOPA Training Committee

George Capon

Seawing Flying Club, Southend Flying Club, EASA PPL IMC SEP MEP Examiner, FAA CFI and CFII, experienced glider pilot , Airline Pilot, Member of UKAB

David Cockburn

Royal Institute of Navigation and CFI RAF Waddington Flying Club

Carol Cooper

Head of Training and CFI, Andrewsfield Aviation

George Done

Chairman AOPA UK

Matt Lane

Head of Training, RAF Brize Norton Flying Club. Deputy CFI, 637 VGS, RAF Little Rissington

Chris Martin

Retired CFI & Examiner, still instructing after 32 years at Exeter

John Pett

Flight Instructor Refresher Seminar Coordinator, AOPA UK Board Member

Dorothy Pooley

Head of Training, Pooleys Flying Instructor School

Chris Royle

CRI, West London Aero Club, AOPA UK Board Member

David Scouller

Head of Training, Western Air (Thruxton) Ltd

Nick Wilcock

AOPA UK Board Member, Chairman NPPL P & SC, IAOPA Europe representative EASA Part-FCL Partnership Group

David Taudevin

Aviation software consultant and Flying Instructor specialising in historic aircraft, advanced handling and ab-initio flying training.


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