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You may advertise for Items Wanted free of charge on this website if you meet the following Terms and Conditions :-

1) You must be a current Individual Pilot or Instructor member or Corporate member of AOPA.

2) If approved the advert will remain published on this website for 3 months unless you ask for it to be unpublished or cease to be an AOPA member at an earlier date.

3) Trade adverts are not permitted. This is a non-commercial offer.

4) Any links to external websites will be vetted by AOPA UK and may be removed if deemed inappropriate.

5) Any links to external websites will open in a new window and not close the AOPA window.

6) You must have the copyright, or written permission from the copyright holder, for any text or photographs used in your advert.

7) You are responsible for providing updates to the information in your advertisement so that it remains accurate.

8) AOPA UK will not be responsible for any spam, or other such internet nuisance, directed to the contact through the advert.

9) Any agreed purchase is a personal contract between the member contact and the buyer. AOPA is not acting as an agent on anyone's behalf.

Submission of this form indicates that you fully agree with the Terms and Conditions.

* Indicates a required entry.


If you have a photograph or drawing of the item you can upload a file here.

Each photograph file can be no more than 1 MB in size and must be either jpg, jpeg, png format.

FILE NAME: Please include your name and member number as the first part of the file name.

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