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Board Director
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Richard’s entire working life has been in aviation. Working in ATC in London then Jersey, Richard learnt to fly at Denham. This dual role as pilot and controller has proved extremely useful , particularly with his involvement with ATC procedures, and paved the way for his introduction to AOPA Channel Islands Region.

Retiring from ATC a few years ago allowed Richard to concentrate on flying, currently with 4400 hours. He currently flies a Cessna Citation CJ but still loves flying VFR in a Piper Arrow, map-reading and trying not to forget the all important basics.

His involvement with the AOPA executive has been relatively recent. As Richard says, “I just didn’t appreciate that my great pleasure, flying, might be under threat from many directions. I suspect that many pilots are still thinking the same as I did – just having fun and not seeing the potential for problems ahead”.

Richard is a firm believer in the work of AOPA, its standing in the aviation community, and its successes.

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