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Board Director, Chairman
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Chairman of Members’ Working Group

Pauline has been flying fixed wing light aircraft since 1987 and owned a share in a Cessna 182 based in Denham until recently. Pauline has done a lot of European touring, including as far as Marrakesh and Albania, and has also flown extensively in South West USA.

Pauline is also Chairman of the British Women Pilots' Association. She is passionate about encouraging young women to consider a career in aviation and to provide support and resources for recreational flyers at whatever level.

She is Chair of the AOPA Members Working Group and fully committed to building AOPA's membership, helping broadcast the message to the wider UK GA population about AOPA's role and influence in preserving the rights and privileges currently enjoyed by GA in the UK.

Pauline brings a wealth of business experience having been in senior managerial roles in sales and marketing for several large companies and also involved in start ups.

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